Welcome to BTMS’ New Website!

BT Migration Solutions logoWelcome to Brilliant Target Migration Solutions (BTMS)’s new website: www.btmigration.com. This webiste is specifically designed for people to browse information about Australian visa, educational services and developments in Australian immigration law, relevant legal and educational updates, community news and other information.

As our WeChat public ID: BT_Migration2016(澳大利亚锦程移民) has been published since March 2016, more updated information can be found there if you subscribe to the public ID. We have forwarded and will continue uploading selective articles or news to the website which might be easier and more convenient for some of our clients to read. Our purpose is to integrate advantages of both traditional website and modern mobile platform, to provide updated information to clients with different preference for reading or browsing.

In considering that most of BTMS’ clients are of Chinese background, to better utilise time and resources, at this stage we only provide articles or news in Chinese version and the website itself is mainly in Chinese. Of course in the long run we will consider adding more contents in English or even other languages for different people’s needs, particularly the updated news on migration and education in Australia.

For contact details please go to the last pull-down category of the displayed menu; and welcome to leave your message to us, as well as any compliments or complaints. BTMS values your feedback.

We have a sister website: www.btlawyer.com.au for people who would like to browse information about our legal services. BT Lawyers & Consultants (BTLC) is a law firm providing a wide range of legal services to public, including: immigration law, family law, administrative law, conveyancing, property law, commercial law, civil dispute resolutions, criminal law, IVOs, traffic offences, wills/probates/PoAs, etc. Both BTMS and BTLC are divisions of BTMS Legal Consultancy Pty Ltd, an incorporated law practice located at the Melbourne northern suburb of Preston.

Thank you again for your time in browsing our websites and we look forward to providing professional services to you soon.

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