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Dealing with PIC 4020

What is PIC 4020 什么是公众利益条款4020?

In summary, Public interest criterion (PIC) 4020 is intended to significantly increase the level of integrity in visa applications by providing a strong disincentive to those considering giving, or causing to be given, a bogus document or information that is false or misleading in a material particular. It also requires applicants to satisfy the delegate as to their identity.


PIC 4020 is one of the Public Interest Criteria in Schedule 4 of the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations). Where PIC 4020 is among the criteria for grant of a visa, unless the requirement to satisfy PIC 4020 is waived under PIC 4020(4), it must be met in order for the visa to be granted. Failure to satisfy PIC 4020 is grounds for visa refusal not for visa cancellation.

公众利益条款4020是移民条例1994第四附表的诸多公众利益条款之一。如果一旦某一类签证的获批条件之一即是PIC 4020,除非根据该条款第四项可以得以免除该条款的适用,否则签证无法获批,如果该条款无法得以满足。无法满足PIC 4020是签证申请被拒而不是签证被取消的基本原因之一。

PIC 4020 contains two key areas: (PIC 4020条款的两大关键要点)

  1. Fraud relating to bogus documents and false or misleading information 由于虚假文件、虚假信息或误导信息导致的欺诈;
  2. Satisfaction with the applicant’s identity 申请人身份得以确认。

When faced with PIC 4020 issue, it should be treated as an extremely serious matter given the ramifications involved in the event where a visa application is refused as the outcome.  Even experienced practitioners need to approach the matter with great caution.

如果遇到了PIC 4020的难题,相关人员必须对之进行极度的重视,因为任何不当的处理皆有可能导致签证申请被拒。即便是非常有经验的移民代理也必须以特别的小心予以处理。

Over the years the Department of Immigration refined PIC4020 criteria which at one stage included a ten-year ban.  Further the number of refusals based on PIC 4020 issue is on the rise as evidenced by the statistics published on the AAT’s website, including this useful link: http://www.aat.gov.au/AAT/media/AAT/Files/MRD%20documents/Factsheets/FS09-Public-Interest-Criterion-4020.pdf

多年来移民部(即现内政部)一直在努力修正PIC 4020条款,以至于在某一阶段,该条款曾经包含有一个十年的再入境禁令。而且AAT(行政上诉庭)网站上公布的统计数据也表明,因为PIC 4020问题导致的拒签数量一直在上升,下面是相关网页连接:http://www.aat.gov.au/AAT/media/AAT/Files/MRD%20documents/Factsheets/FS09-Public-Interest-Criterion-4020.pdf

In the ten years of practice, I had the unfortunate task of dealing with a number of PIC 4020 issues and have seen the unforgiving approach to these matters by the Department.  If I had to summarise PIC4020 in one sentence; no PIC 4020 issue is ever the same, that is, you simply cannot create a template to address this criterion.

在我(笔者)十年的执业生涯中,我接触过多起跟PIC 4020相关的移民案件,也目睹了内政部对其愈加严厉无宽容的态度。如果要对PIC 4020用一个句子做总结的话,这就是:PIC 4020问题永远各(案)不相同;也就是说,你绝无可能对这个问题制定一个应对样本出来。

Dealing with PIC 4020: (应对公众利益条款 4020)

Whilst all PIC 4020 issues can lead to the same outcome (i.e. refusal), not all PIC 4020 issues are the same.

尽管所有的PIC 4020问题都可能指向同一个结果(拒签),并不是每一个PIC 4020问题都是一样的情况。

Take for example a bogus document, under Policy, Bogus Document is covered by the, s5(1) of the Act as:


In relation to a person, means a document that the Minister reasonably suspects is a document that:


purports to have been, but was not, issued in respect of the person; or

is counterfeit or has been altered by a person who does not have authority to do so; or

was obtained because of a false or misleading statement, whether or not made knowingly.


Where a client has provided a bogus document, there is very little scope to save the application other than to withdraw the application from processing.  Whilst withdrawing the application will not trigger a three year ban, where the applicant chooses to respond within the prescribed period by withdrawing their application before it is finalised, appropriate case notes are to be recorded on the client record before continuing the application to withdrawal. This will naturally result in scrutiny of any subsequent visa application made by the applicant.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, providing false or misleading information may or may not see your application sink.  False or misleading information in a material particular is defined in Policy as:

在事情的另一头,也必须看到,提供虚假或误导信息,也不一定会让你的申请彻底完蛋。按照移民政策,虚假或误导信息必须达到“实质性”的要求,才会引发PIC 4020:

information that is: 这些信息是指:

(a)  false or misleading at the time it is given; and

(b)  relevant to any of the criteria the Minister may consider when making a decision

第一、在它们递交之时是虚假或误导的;以及,第二、 是跟内政部长做出决定时可能考虑的任何要求相关。

The first step in dealing with this type of situation is to identify whether the information provided to immigration is false or misleading.  For example, claiming work false work experience and relying on this work experience to obtain a skilled visa may see your application in deep waters.  However, misunderstanding the question on the visa application form and providing correct information post lodgement may not necessarily be treated as a PIC 4020 issue.

所以,处理这类困境的第一步就应当是辨别提供给移民部的该信息是否虚假或误导。例如,声称有工作但实际上是虚假的工作经历,却依靠该虚假经历来获取技术移民签证,这就是典型的可能导致拒签的例子。但是,对于签证申请表上的问题有误解、并且在递交后又提供了正确的信息予以纠正,这一般不会被视为是一个PIC 4020的问题。

Solving PIC 4020 issues: (解决公众利益条款 4020问题)

There is no magic formula to resolving a PIC 4020 issue.  The circumstances of each case are different.  The first step is to decide whether you will be proceeding with the application or whether withdrawing the application from processing is a better option.  If you decide the proceed, there are a couple of useful tools which you may wish to utilise when tackling a PIC 4020 issue.

对于PIC 4020问题,不存在一个解决的魔术药方。每个案子的情况都是不同的。首先要考虑的是你是否会继续这个签证申请还是将之撤回,哪一个会是更好的选择。如果你决定继续申请,以下是一些你可以利用的行之有效的解决方法:

1.  Migration Act permits notification of incorrect answers 移民法允许对于不正确的回答予以纠正

Under the Migration Act, an applicant can provide additional information or correct information provided on the original application up until a such time that a decision is made on the application.  You may therefore use this as the basis of your submission.


2. Address the issue as soon as possible 以最快的速度提出问题

Whether you received a request for further information which identifies false or misleading information, or you realise that incorrect information has been provided, it is important to correct the information as soon as possible.  Immi account allows you to file notification of incorrect answers.


3. Provide a statement from the visa applicant (where applicable) (如果可行的话)让签证申请人自己出具一份声明书

Where a genuine mistake is made, it is best to provide a statement (statutory declaration if possible) from the applicant stating the reasons for providing incorrect information and reasons for not providing correct information in the first instance.  It will be up to the case officer to accept or reject the submission.  This should be done in addition to step 2 (see above).


4. Use your judgement 使用你自己的判断

The most difficult part of PIC 4020 is deciding whether the risk of proceeding with the application caught by PIC 4020 is worth the result.  If the application is refused, an applicant will be banned for three years from making further applications unless the bar is lifted.

PIC 4020最艰难的部分在于一旦继续申请的话,被PIC 4020抓住的风险,是否值得我们去冒险。如果申请因此被拒,除非禁令被解除,否则申请人三年内都被禁止递交任何签证申请。

Post refusal process: (拒签之后的程序)

The refusal letter should indicate if the applicant is currently subject to a three year non-grant period under PIC 4020(2).  If an applicant decides to apply for another visa to Australia and where an applicant is subject to a three year non-grant period, Home Affairs should send an “Invitation to comment” letter, to give the applicant the opportunity to comment and to address whether they believe any grounds for waiver apply.


Although an invitation to comment is a must, there are no grounds to revisit the original refusal decision when considering the current application being considered under PIC 4020(2).


Home Affairs will assess as to whether the grounds for exercising the waiver exists – that is, the delegate needs to decide whether they are satisfied that:


  • compelling circumstances that affect the interests of Australia;  or 存在影响澳洲(国家)利益的不可抗拒的特别情由;或
  • compassionate or compelling circumstances that affect the interests of an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen; 会影响澳洲公民、永久居民或合格新西兰公民利益的令人同情或不可抗拒的特别的情由;
  • justify the granting of the visa. 从而可以颁发该签证。

In summary, PIC 4020 is no easy fix and even experienced agents will often face difficulties in deciding how to proceed.  The safe choice is of course to withdraw the application.  Alternatively, if you decide to proceed, you will need a strategic approach and well thought out plan to tackle the issue at hand.


(编译者按:编译者也曾经数次遇到客户出现PIC 4020的情况,根据编译者的丰富经验和法律知识,除了一起申请不得不撤回外,另外几起全部最终通过移民部评审,客户最后成功获取移民签证。编译者非常同意本文作者的说法,就是遇上PIC 4020也不必特别慌张,关键是看不同案件的不同情况,因为个案有异,千万不能雷同应对。欢迎各位前来咨询、委托锦程移民事务所办理各种疑难申请案件。我们的服务宗旨是:精诚、信实、敬业。)